Free and Ad-Free

Soulsato is a free application designed to support people making soulful self-reflections and caring connections, for the sake of a more just and joyful world. Soulsato is offered as a gift and a community project. It is an independent, free and ad-free social networking platform. It is for use by people who share the developer's guiding values of joy and justice, and who agree to interact with respect.

Caffyn Jesse, Soulasto's developer, is a longtime social justice advocate, teacher of sacred sexuality, and queer elder. They are committed to transformative justice. They recognize their own limitations. Since this is a network offered by one person for no money, there is no way to engage in lengthy dialogue regarding disputes. If you act with respect for other users, and support human rights, fairness, justice and nonviolence, you are welcome here. Any person or team advocating violence, evidencing racism or homophobia, harassing another Soulasto user, or causing harm will be suspended and, after 30 days, removed from Soulasto. If you wish to dispute removal, or request the removal of someone else, please contact Caffyn, using the contact form on this webpage. The Generative Conflict Map will be used to guide dispute processes, so please review it and begin your own work before you request Caffyn's attention.

Caffyn also welcomes your thanks and appreciation, and suggestions for improving Soulasto. Please use the contact form on this webpage. PayPal donations to support this project can be made to Caffyn HERE

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