Welcome to Soulasto

Soulasto is a free application designed to support people making soulful self-reflections and caring connections, for the sake of a more just and joyful world.

In order to make online space where we feel safe-enough to be brave, we ask that all who participate in the Soulasto community agree to the following:

  • We practice acceptance. We honor each person’s inner wisdom and process, and we practice not fixing, advising, or setting each other straight.
  • We offer respect. We practice respectful communication that avoids judgmental words, blame and accusation. We hold each other’s vulnerabilities as sacred.
  • We practice confidentiality. We speak for ourselves, without disclosing what others have shared with us.
  • We honour differences. We see differences as something to be celebrated, and we commit to learning from each other’s differences.
  • We guarantee that your name and email will never be shared with a third party. It will only be used for an annual email to the Soulasto community.

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Note : (Only name and email requested at sign up/sign in)